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GuamFlag Our mission is to engage in a comprehensive historic preservation program that promotes the use, conservation, preservation, and presentation of historic properties.

Our Goal is to implement projects and activities that help us achieve our mission.


Request for Proposals

Comprehensive Statewide Historic Preservation Plan (State Plan 2007-2011)

Plan Update

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SHPO Designation

In accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act (16 U.S.C. 470a), as amended, Eddie Baza Calvo, Governor of Guam, has designated Ms. Lynda Bordallo Aguon, Guam Historic Preservation Officer, Guam Historic Resources Division, Department of Parks and Recreation, a classified service employee of the Government of Guam, as the State Historic Preservation Officer. Ms. Aguon has been delegated authority to represent the government of Guam in carrying out the responsibilities specified in the Act, and in the regulations and administrative requirements established for implementation of that Act. This designation supersedes any contrary prior designations.


The Guam Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), receives Historic Preservation Fund Grants from the U.S. Department of the Interior to implement projects that meet planned goals and objectives related to Historic Preservation. For Fiscal Year 2015, DPR implemented the following:

  • 66-15-001 Mandatory In-House National Register Nomination Fena Massacre Site (DPR In-House)
  • 66-15-002Mandatory In-House Survey - Tarzan Falls Site - NW Area Survey (GHPI Site No. 66-2697) (DPR In-House)
  • 66-15-003 Mandatory Historic Preservation Fund Grant Program Audit
  • 66-15-004Mandatory Central Villages Historical Architectural Survey, Part 1 of 2(RFP to be advertised 2015)
  • 66-15-005 NHPA Section 106 Seminar - Cancelled
  • 66-15-006 Rental space for NHPA Section 106 Seminar - Cancelled
  • 66-15-007Fundamentals of a Historic Resource Survey for High School Students - Cancelled
  • 66-15-008 Archaeological Law Enforcement Training - Cancelled
  • 66-15-009Printing of Guam Historic Preservation Plan (100 copies) Cancelled
  • 66-15-010 Aga Tongan August Field Effort (DPR In-House) Cancelled
  • 66-15-011Corrective Action Guam Historic Properties Inventory, Phase 2 (RFP to be advertised 2015) Cancelled
  • 66-15-012 Mandatory Project:  Review and Compliance Program Area Review (RFP to be advertised 2015)